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The Importance of Brewing Coffee Freshly

When you brew coffee, you want to ensure that it tastes its absolute best. After all, the first impression is almost always the one that sticks with you. In order to get the most out of your beans, you should always keep them in the freshest form possible. A lot of people tend to overlook this fact but if you’re a fan of your coffee then it’s certainly something that deserves inkling. The moment you let your coffee beans sit on a shelf or in a cabinet, they start to lose some of their aroma, taste, and flavor. That’s because carbon dioxide will begin seeping out of the beans as well as any other air inside them. The process is called degassing and it can take place even if you seal them up tight. This is why keeping your supply fresh is such an important thing to do from time to time. When you keep roasted or ground coffee in storage for too long, it begins absorbing odors from the outside environment which will make it taste stale once it finally reaches your cup again. Keeping things fresh is something that many home baristas understand very well and so we’ll dig deeper into this topic right now…

Why You Should Brew Coffee Fresh

You might be surprised to learn that there are tons of benefits to brewing your coffee freshly rather than letting it sit in the cabinet for months on end. For one thing, you’ll be able to brew a richer and tastier cup of Joe just by keeping things fresh. But that’s not all either. Brewing your coffee freshly will also help to keep it from growing too strong over time. As we all know, coffee beans are high in caffeine and produce a drink that has a “sharp” taste. When your beans aren’t fresh, they’ll absorb a lot of this flavor from the environment and become more potent over time. That’s why you shouldn’t let coffee sit in a cabinet for long.

The Benefits of Brewing Coffee Fresh

– Brews a richer flavor – Brewing fresh will give your coffee an amazing taste that’s hard to achieve if you let it age. This is because a lot of the coffee’s aroma will have dissipated over time. When you brew fresh, though, you’ll be able to trap a lot more of this aroma in every sip. 

– Prevents coffee from tasting stale – When coffee ages, it’s quite common for it to start tasting stale. This is because carbon dioxide will begin seeping out of the beans as well as any other air inside them. This is why brewing fresh is important. 

– Keeps coffee from growing strong – As we said before when coffee is old, it becomes more potent. That’s because the beans have been absorbing other flavors for so long that they’re now extremely strong. Brewing fresh, on the other hand, will prevent this from happening since the beans will retain their natural taste.

How to Keep Coffee Fresh

Freshly roasted coffee beans should be kept in an air-tight container. If you’re like most people and keep coffee in the cabinet, then you’re most likely doing it wrong. When coffee is exposed to air, it’s going to start to lose its aroma, taste, and flavor. For example, coffee exposed to air will absorb other flavors in the environment which will make it taste stale and sharp. That’s why you need to keep it in an air-tight container like a sealed bag or an airtight can. If it stays sealed up, it’s going to stay fresh.

Tips for a Brew That Doesn’t Taste Stale

– Brew a smaller batch

 – If you’re brewing coffee that’s been sitting in a cabinet for too long, then you should brew a smaller batch. Doing this will prevent your brew from growing too strong since it’s been brewing for too long.

 – Brew with fresh beans 

– This tip is straightforward but it’s important nonetheless. Brewing with beans that were freshly roasted will give you the best chance of brewing a strong and flavorful cup of Joe. 

– Brew with less water 

– One of the best ways to keep your coffee from tasting stale is to brew it with less water. When you brew with too much water, your beans will absorb a lot of the flavors in them. When you brew with less water, then you’ll be able to keep your brew much cleaner.

 – Brew with a finer grind 

– The finer the grind, the less water your beans will absorb. If you brew with a coarse grind, then you’re going to have issues keeping your coffee fresh.


Brewing fresh is a simple thing to do but a lot of people tend to forget it. By brewing with old beans, you’re going to have a much harder time getting the best out of them. This is because old beans have been absorbing odors from the outside environment and are going to be much stronger. Brewing with old beans will also make your brew much more potent. If you want to enjoy the best cup of Joe without having to worry about the health risks, then it’s essential that you keep your coffee fresh from time to time. Through this article, you should now know why you should brew fresh and how to do it. While brewing fresh is an easy thing to do, many people forget about it. Brewing fresh may sound simple, but it’s something that many people forget about.

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